• Luxury Glite

      Luxury Glite


      Glite's surface is a layer of special Sequin particles, which has a very good flash effect, brings gorgeous and moving visual feeling, and has a strong sense of existence, both avant-garde and retro. For example, glite material with bright spots is applied to the bag, which increases the delicacy of the bag and shows the youth and vitality.

  • Clear/Color PVC

      Clear/Color PVC


      PVC material reflects different luster, as if the new force is "awakening". The highlight of transparent material lies in color application and decorative details, which increases the look of the bag and enhance the overall design effect.

  • Clear/Color TPU

      Clear/Color TPU


      The strong visual feeling brought by dazzle color is an indispensable part of the street trend.

  • Neoprene



      The Neoprene material feels soft and delicate, and has the characteristics of shockproof, heat preservation and waterproof. The long-term use of diving material bag does not change its shape and is dustproof, antistatic and scratch resistant, which makes the style more protective.

  • Natural Straw Weaving

      Natural Straw Weaving


      The bag made of straw woven material is more simple and elegant, and meets the trend of green environmental protection. Simple and generous design and natural green materials are widely loved by modern people.

  • Corduroy



      Corduroy in the prevalence of retro style, a strong return to the fashion model. Corduroy fabric with its own strong and neutral temperament, in the minimalist silhouette, handsome and fashionable, the use of soft colors, add a touch of elegance.

  • Warm Low Pile

      Warm Low Pile


      Artificial low piles are neat and soft. After repeated testing,the draped fabrics have good heat retention and air permeability properties.Sporty details intensify outdoor features.

  • Exquisite Felt

      Exquisite Felt


      The felt fabric is infused with environment-friendly wool or lamb wool fiber. The elastic effect and shape retention effect are combined with the classic and simple style, highlighting the gorgeous and atmospheric quality.

  • Soft Memory

      Soft Memory


      Memory fabric is a kind of wrinkle resistant fabric, which is light and soft, and has a delicate feel. It can be made by filling velvet technology to create a quantitative appearance similar to bread. It also integrates quilting technology, which is classic and versatile.

  • Luxurious Velvet

      Luxurious Velvet


      With the popularity of retro art, velvet brings calm yet fervent mood. Intense colors give a vintage but modern twist to bags.

  • Organic Canvas

      Organic Canvas


      Canvas material is more and more widely used in bags. Under the influence of sustainable concept, natural products will be favored by the market, and environment-friendly fabrics are becoming more and more popular.

  • Quality Suede

      Quality Suede


      The high-quality suede adds a high-level feeling to the bag. After treatment, it presents a grain effect. At first glance, it is hazy with frosting, and close observation shows that it is as delicate as butter.

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