Quzhou Everyes Bags Mfg Co., Ltd

Evershine Wholly Owned Factory

Quzhou everyes bags mfg co., Ltd  established in 2008, is a bag manufacturing enterprise integrating product development

and scale production. Since its establishment, it has been known in the industry for its exquisite workmanship and excellent


After more than ten years' endavour ,  Yiheng resolutely survived with continuous development and growth. Driven by high

-quality products ,  guided by the core interests of customers ,  relying on standardized procedures, we minimize the waste

of resources, avoid risks ,  optimize input and output ,  and grasp the market initiative in improving the comprehensive com-

petitiveness of products.

Shandong Everwin Leather Co., Ltd

Evershine Wholly Owned Factory

Shandong everwin leather co., Ltd is a quality-oriented, reputation first leather manufacturing enterprise, we are committed

to providing customers with fashionable appearance, comfortable use, reliable performance of luggage products. The comp-

any has a complete range of products, covering all kinds of make-up bags, ticket clips, women's bags, travel supplies, etc.,

to meet the needs of multi-purpose customers.

The company has strong technical production conditions, always treat every link of luggage production with a rigorous attit-

ude, strictly control the quality, and constantly improve technology to improve production efficiency. We establish high stan-

dards for production effeciency and quality, aiming for our long-term cooperation of mutual benefit with customers.

Myanmar Yangon Evereach Co., Ltd

Evershine Wholly Owned Factory

Myanmar yangon evereach co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of all kinds of bags and leather goods. After several years

of honest operation , our production scale has been expanding , and we have formed a series of products including cosmetic

bags, ticket clips  , women's bags , backpacks , folding bags , travel supplies , etc . With the efforts of all the employees , the

company has solved one production technical problem after another. From proofing, production to inspection and presentation

of documents, the concept of wholehearted customer service is embodied everywhere.  Myanmar yangon evereach co., Ltd is

 gradually becoming mature and going to the world.

At present, with our keen market feelers, unremitting spirit of struggle, strong technical force and scientific enterprise manag-

ement means, we have rapidly developed into a comprehensive professional luggage manufacturer.

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